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BlueHealth is a pan-European research initiative investigating the links between environment, climate and health. The programme is specifically focused on understanding how water-based environments in towns and cities can affect health and wellbeing.

In collaboration with BTeam


I was involved at the beginning stages of the project, taking part in the kick-off workshop, where I helped the team establish the key goals for the website and help them discover who their main user groups would be and how we can accomplish our goals through the design.



Then the main aim for me was to create and develop a concept that helps the research team publish and show the public and their peers what research they are doing in this space in a clear and easy to understand way.


The outcome

I developed a design that successfully brought the themes of their project to life, utilising a clean and minimal look enabled the content to take precedence as this was a key reason users would visit the site along with highlighting the wonderful imagery they have.

Effectively using colour to help highlight areas of the site for users, allowing them to easily scan the pages and lead them through the website effectively.