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Development Initiatives (DI) is an international development organisation that focuses on putting data-driven decision-making at the heart of poverty eradication.

In collaboration with BTeam


Development Initiatives were looking to overhaul their main website, applying their brand guidelines more effectively online and adopting a user-centered design approach to their business.

I attended kick-off workshops with the client and other members of the project at the beginning of the process to help define the issues we wanted to solve and who the key user groups were, this led to facilitating a sketching workshop with key stakeholders, allowing us to generate ideas for layout and content hierarchy. These workshops along with the user research produced created a good foundation for the design phase.

Development Initiatives


To take the user research done and their existing brand, which was primarily produced to work across different offline channels and develop it further to help influence the redesign of the website in a meaningful way that works across multiple devices.

Development Initiatives
Development Initiatives

The outcome

Designed and developed a fresh new approach for their site that successfully adapted the brand guidelines effectively and utilising their wide colour palette.

Implementing the user research produced beforehand thoughtfully to develop a design that caters to the key user groups and journeys as well as meeting business goals.

Developing clean, accessible code in the form of a pattern library so the site works effectively in varying environments across the globe and can be used by their internal development team to expand on the site easily in the future.

Development Initiatives