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The Global Nutrition Report continues to shed light on the current state of nutrition around the world. With ever-increasing global data, it is clear that inequities are key to addressing malnutrition.

In collaboration with BTeam


GNR had previously only published their annual reports in a printed format and as PDFs. They wanted a way of showcasing their reports online in an effective and easy to use way, enabling the different user groups to access the information they needed. They also needed the new website to effectively explain the varying type of work they do and different people involved who make the Global Nutrition Report a success.

Then there was a second phase to the project where we planned, created and developed a solution for them to showcase the big pieces of data that aid the report in a meaningful and accessible way online.

Global Nutrition Report


To design, iterate and develop a new digital solution that enables them to take their 200 page printed reports and put them online in an accessible yet beautiful way which that still showcases the strong brand elements of the printed version but is easy to navigate for users across different devices.

Global Nutrition Report
Global Nutrition Report

The outcome

I worked on creating an initial concept and establishing the design direction going forward, overseeing the project while it was completed by my team.

My aim for the concept was to use their limited colour palette effectively by introducing a generous amount of white space and display key branding hooks such as the dots to help reinforce the brand, the way the colour palette was used along with the white space also allowed their wonderful photography to act as a focal point for the design which helped showcase the human side of their work.

Global Nutrition Report
Global Nutrition Report
Global Nutrition Report